Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your laundry and dry cleaning with

Sick of lugging a heavy laundry bag to the cleaners?

All the cleaners on offer pickup and delivery.

Tired of working around your cleaner's schedule?

We'll show you when cleaners can pick up and deliver your clothes, so you can choose one that fits your schedule.

Is the cleaner around the corner too expensive?

With, you gain access to dozens of cleaners that deliver to you. Tell us what you need cleaned, and we'll show you the cleaners' prices.

Ever had trouble communicating with your cleaners?

Order online with us and that's it. When problems arise, we'll speak to the cleaners on your behalf.

Need something cleaned quickly for an important event?

We show you how quickly cleaners can deliver your clothes. Many of them offer same day dry cleaning.

Ever have a bad experience with a cleaner?

Check out cleaners' reviews so you can make a more informed decision before choosing. Also, we work with the owners to resolve disputes so that you don't have to.

What is our mission?

We live in NYC and find the entire laundry process to be unnecessarily aggravating. Our goal is to remove laundry from your to-do list by modernizing the process.

How does it work?

We contact cleaners in NYC and around the country to sign up with us. When they do, they input schedules, prices, a delivery zone, and more. When you search, we look at all our affiliates in your neighborhood to show you prices and ready-by times. When you place an order, the cleaners are contacted directly to pick up your laundry. When it's ready, they'll deliver it back to you.

Does charge me a fee for laundry or dry cleaning?

There's no additional fee for doing your laundry through, and we guarantee that we'll never charge you more than the listed price in a store; only the cleaners themselves are charged a fee for using the site. If there is a discrepancy in price, let us know and we'll refund the difference while we sort it out with the cleaner.

Refer a cleaner

If your favorite cleaner isn't on Brinkmat, let us know and we'll call them. If they end up on Brinkmat, we'll give you $50 in credit. Refer a cleaner here. If your favorite cleaner isn't on, let us know and we'll call them. If they sign up, we'll give you $50 in credit. Refer a cleaner here.

Tell your friends, earn free laundry.

If you tell your friends about us, we'll give them 20% off their first order, and we'll give you 15% off for every friend that signs up and places an order.

Sharing is easy. Just log in and click 'Tell friends' under the search bar.

What should I do if the delivery person is late?

The cleaners confirm the pickup and delivery times for each order, and we remind them before each pickup and delivery. In the unlikely event that they are late, you can contact us or call the cleaner directly.

The cleaner is asking for payment, but I paid online.

All credit card payments are made through If a cleaner tries to collect payment from you, tell them you paid online and contact us immediately so we can sort it out.

My email receipt has different prices than the physical receipt that came back with my clothes.

You will always be charged the amount that is in your final email receipt.

  • If the prices on the physical receipt are lower than your email receipt and you believe you were overcharged, contact us and we'll correct it. If you have a smartphone and can send a picture of the physical receipt, that helps.

  • If the prices on the physical receipt are higher than your email receipt, rejoice because we saved you money.

What if I have a problem with my order? doesn't actually do the cleaning, so the onus is on the cleaners to do a good job with your clothes. We'll show you reviews and Yelp ratings so you can find a reputable cleaner easily. If there are problems, the cleaner is solely responsible. Our role is to help in any way possible. If you don't want to deal with the cleaner, contact us and we'll deal with them.

How does the Custom Item work?

If you don't want to enumerate all the dirty clothes you need to be laundered or dry cleaned, then use this feature. Basically, it means "come get whatever I have." Your order items (and price) will be updated later by the cleaners, after they've picked up your clothes and cleaned them. Just be aware that we won't be able to show you precise prices and schedules without knowing exactly what needs to be cleaned.

Why not use the Custom Item?

One of the benefits of doing laundry and dry cleaning with is that we have all the cleaners' schedules and prices. So if you tell us exactly what you have, we’ll tell you exactly how much it'll cost and when it’ll be ready, according to each cleaner's schedule. Another benefit is you having a paper trail of what you're giving the cleaner. It's harder to lose clothes when you wash with us.

Why did the cleaner update the contents of my order?

Sometimes, cleaners update an order to accurately reflect what items were given to them. For example:

  • Replacing the custom item with the actual items

  • Updating the weight of wash & fold

  • Removing items that you listed in your order, but actually weren't.

  • Certain materials and styles require extra care and cost. Examples:

    • Silk

    • Cashmere

    • Beads

    • Pleats

  • Large items like bed comforters require the cleaner to do a separate load of laundry, so there is an extra charge.

We encourage cleaners to call and explain before updating an order. They also will leave a note on any updated items. If you believe a cleaner mistakenly updated your order, please contact us..

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