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" Acquires Online Laundry Services Startup Brinkmat To Expand Beyond Food Deliveries", the New York City-based company whose technology platform lets local merchants easily provide e-commerce and delivery services, has acquired Brinkmat, a startup also based in New York that’s built an online scheduling and ordering platform for local laundry and dry cleaning businesses. Read More


" moves into the dry cleaning business with its Brinkmat buy"

Is the next big market in local delivery your neighborhood dry cleaner? seems to think so. Read More


"You can comparison shop laundry services with just a few clicks"

Friends Tim O’Malley and Jay Winters have long loved ordering working lunches and late-night dinners without leaving their desks. So wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to apply the same time-saving technology to dry cleaning? Read More

NY Observer

"Brinkmat coordinates time-crunched customers with laundromats that already offer pickup and delivery"

People have warmed up to the idea of doing less and less actually on their own,” entrepreneur Jay Winters told Betabeat over the phone yesterday, citing the popularity of FreshDirect. "We saw just a hugely inefficient market in New York when it comes to laundry." Mr. Winters is one of two former Goldman Sachs engineers behind Brinkmat, an online ordering service for laundry pickup and delivery. Read More


"This one you just may thank Sandy for"

New service Brinkmat is clean clothes delivery — simply enter your home or office address... Read more

Manhattan User's Guide

"Does anyone like schlepping a bulky laundry bag to a cleaner on the way to work?"

There are many unanswerable questions. Why is Park Avenue Liquors on Madison? Why does West 4th Street intersect with West 12th? Can you recommend a good dry cleaner? Read More

Inside New York

"Brinkmat makes it easy to spot deals... As they level the laundry playing field, expect your laundry bill to go way down"

Tim and Jay met at Goldman Sachs. In that previous life, working inhuman hours, convenient food delivery was a lifesaver, and Tim and Jay wondered why there weren’t more websites to help make busy lives efficient. Read More

NY Convergence

"Until now, there has never been a central hub for customers to choose which laundromat they want to do business with."

Laundromats in NY have been offering pick-up and delivery services for quite some time. However, until now, there has never been a central hub for customers to choose which laundromat they want to do business with. Read More

Entrepreneur Podcast Network

"Use Brinkmat to find a cleaner with the best turnaround times and prices"

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